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Shameless Fripperies has an exciting new feature!

…but first meet my significant other, Adrian.

New Feature: Lookbook

He’s the coding wiz, the programming powerhouse.

New Feature: Lookbook

No but really, he’s a genius and the brains behind the Lookbook, a photomontage of all the looks I’ve EVER done on this blog.

New Feature: Lookbook

So let’s say, hypothetically… You’re looking for a new pink lipstick (which you should be, one can never have too many pink lipsticks): You can browse the Lookbook, find something that fulfills your pink lipstick dreams and click the photo to view the product breakdown.

The Lookbook shuffles, so you’ll also discover posts that you might have missed (going back to the good ol’ days of photobucket). Pretty clever right? You can find the Lookbook on the Shameless Fripperies Home Page under the tab Lookbook (duh).

Give Adrian a pat on the back by clicking the Facebook ‘like’ icon on the Lookbook and happy browsing! Let us know what you think in the comment section below :)

xxkarima (&Adrian)

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  1. You guys are adorable. :)

    And ingenious!! This is such a cool idea, especially for people who haven’t been reading that long. It’s a great way to discover the archives of your artistry!

    Shani x