Happy Birthday to meeee!

Yes, I’m born on Halloween but no, we do not celebrate this in Australia :(

I turn 22! A quick post on two things I have acquired today…


Uncontainable excitement is not conducive to creative photos, I’ve learnt. This might be a meaningless to some (or at least, it would have confused me a week ago) but in short, I have video capacity. Squeeee!

My second pretty of the day…



Who said romance was dead?
Must run- so much cake, so little time.



  1. Riz


  2. Ellen

    Awww Happy Birthday Karima! :D
    Enjoy your cakes and stay pretty!
    and yay for webcam!!

  3. Suz

    Happy Birthday beautiful !!! Enjoy your special day :D

  4. ns4487

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! you are so young still…i turned 25 last week gahh!

    Lovely roses and I’ve been lemming a camera like that since forever, so lucky you! btw, your package arrived, just jumped on MUA to tell you but MUA is down :( I’ll shoot yours off tomorrow, I’ve had the flu since getting back from HK and havent been able to drag myself to the PO.

    lots of bday hugs xx

    • Time passes too quickly, Nonni!
      Oh! great the hear the package arrived. Let me know if you have an application learning curve with the LM powder.
      Omergeerddd MUA is down. I don’t know what to do with myself.
      Take your time with the package, I’m in no rush. Hope you feel better and thank you for the birthday wishes!

  5. Many happy returns, my spookily beautiful one!

  6. Happy birthday!! Ha- we *just* had trick or treaters at our door so some people do celebrate it :P
    oooh at your new camera- yay how exciting!! cant wait to see videos!
    And aww at the roses, so sweet!

    • Thank you Ashleigh! It was a great birthday.
      And that is so funny! We had not a single trick or treater all night!
      I’m so excited about that camera that I literally cannot stand still. I’ve played with it and….amazeballs. The roses were a total surprise <3

  7. You’re only 22? *checks into a nursing home*

    Happy birthday!!!


  9. Happy birthday dear!! What wonderful presents! You are one lucky birthday girl. :)

    Have a great day!!


  10. Branny43

    Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

    While I am *much* older than you, I find so much inspiration in young beauties like yourself! I hope you had/have a wonderful day. :)

  11. Julie

    Hope you had a great birthday!!

    I was wondering if the individual Shu Uemura lashes you use are the ones designed for the lower lash line? I haven’t been able to find the ‘short’ ones I saw in one of your posts

    Thanks! xx

    • I did! Thank you!
      I did a bit of research on the Shu Individuals and it doesn’t look like they sell them on the US site. Perhaps they are only available in Australia? I’m pretty sure they are not designed for the lower lash (they’d be very long for that purpose!)
      Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  12. Maja

    I know I’m a bit late but happy birthday, Karima!

  13. This camera looks amazing, I wish I could have one of those. Do you use it for videos or photos or both? xx

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