Chanel Illusion D’ombres- Revisited [FOTD]

Today I bring you a truckload of FOTD’s. Y’see, upon swatching all my Chanel Illusion D’ombres a little while back, I realised that they had been going unloved.

Here are the original swatches, click here to view the original review.

Chanel Illusion D’ombres- Mirifique, Ebloui, Illusoire, Epatant. Chanel Cream Eyeshadows.


I conjured a makeup mission: use each in a look. Despite the fact that the shimmers in these cream eyeshadows lends a night-time-glam, I mostly wore them as day-time-discoball. Complete will false eyeslashes. I was determined to fulfil my mission, okay?

Posting them in segments made my perfectionist alter ego twitch. So, today I present to you an excessive number of photos of ma face!


The least shimmery of my IdO’s. Ebloui can be described as a reddened brown with multi-colour shimmer. More brown than red on me (sad face).

Face- Armani Lasting Silk
Brows- SUQQU Brow Pen
Eyes- Ebloui on lid, Rouge Bunny Rouge Veiled Lyrebird on inner third, Rouge Bunny Rouge Volcano Fairy Wren to deepen outer V. Shu Uemura Natural Volume 01 lashes.
Lips- NARS Srinagar

Chanel Illusion D'ombre Ebloui


Chanel Illusion D'ombre Ebloui


Chanel Illusion D'ombre Ebloui



A purple mauve shade than leans taupe-ish (articulate, I know). The silver shimmer is very pronounced.

Face- Armani Lasting Silk
Brows- SUQQU Brow Pen
Eyes- Illusoire on lid, SUQQU Mizuaoi (pink in crease, plum in outer corner). Physicians Formula Eye Booster Pen liquid liner. Ardell Demi Wispies, Lancome Hypnose Mascara.
Lips- OCC Memento

Chanel Illusion D'ombre Illusoire


Chanel Illusion D'ombre Illusoire


Chanel Illusion D'ombre Illusoire



A silvered, green taupe with serious shimmer.
I don’t like greens on myself so this is probably my least favourite IdO. Nonetheless, it was a nice change.
I also sported a less defined brow, as advised by a friend.

Face- Armani Lasting Silk
Brows- SUQQU Brow Pen
Eyes- Epatant on lid, MAC Black Tied in outer corner, Sugarpill Lumi Pigment in inner corner. MAC Chromagraphic Pencil on lower waterline. Shu Uemura Natural Volume 01 lashes.
Lips- A rushed mix of MAC Hug Me and lipbalm.

Chanel Illusion D'ombre Epatant


Chanel Illusion D'ombre Epatant


Chanel Illusion D'ombre Epatant



Dark black with silver sparkles (and the odd pink sparkle).

For this FOTD, I used a new camera that I recently acquired. It produces MUCH better quality photos than my last- the only downside is that it captures my every pore and dry patch (SORRY!). I’m also picturing a bit warmer than I actually am, I took these pictures at sunset.

With Chanel IdO Mirifique as a base, I layered the shades from the limited edition Chanel Perlees Palette pictured here:

Chanel Perlees Palette

Face- Armani Lasting Silk, Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder
Brows- SUQQU Brow Pen
Eyes- Mirifique as a base, Chanel Perlees Palette, Geisha Ink Liquid Liner, Lancome Hypnose Mascara, Shu Uemura Natural Volume 01 lashes
Lips- Edward Bess Forbidden Flower

Chanel Mirifique & Perlees Palette


Chanel Mirifique & Perlees Palette


Chanel Mirifique & Perlees Palette


And that’s the lowdown on Chanel Illusion D’ombres! What is your favourite look?

Also, many thanks to those who sent their birthday wishes, I feel very loved <3



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  1. Ellen

    Wow super sparkly! The colors are pwiddy though!
    Love your brows and your name, hahaha :D


  2. jasmine valistreri

    Thank you for doing these FOTDs, this helped me make a decision on Ebloui. Since there isn’t a Chanel counter on this island I’ve been on the fence about that one for a while. I decided that even though it turned brown on you, it still leans too red for my complexion. I love the look of reds but just can’t pull them off. Thanks!

  3. :O the last one is my very favourite, and I blimmin hate that palette! DAMN YOU KARIMA

    • Hey Kate ;)
      I recall some disliking this palette. Why was that? Not enough pigment?
      I did something I NEVAR do, I applied the shades with a sponge tip applicator. Strangely, it works much better than applying with a brush.
      Which is all irrelevant babble because I’m one of like, 5 people on the internets that own this palette.

  4. Loved all the looks-I keep on forgetting how beautiful these products are!- need to haul them out the back of my drawer.

    • They are certainly interesting, especially the texture! Dig those pretties out!
      Which do you own? I’m tossing as to whether or not I need Emerville (need is a term that is used loosely, here lol)

      • Karima I have five of them-in fact upon inspection I actually forgot I had one called Abstaction which is a deeeep Emerville which I have too! Emerville is pretty, but not as edgy as the others- Others are Ilusoire, Apparition, and Epatant – Mirifique has been on my wish list for a while…..

        • Interesting! Absraction is no longer available right?
          Mirifique is a great multi-purpose product, it makes a fantastic liner with the included brush!

  5. ns4487

    Karima! I actually love the green the most! why don’t you like greens on yourself? You should try some dark forest/khaki greens…Inglot have a good few. I don’t own any of these because I’m a bit scared of le sparkle :(

    • Nonni :D
      I don’t know! Greens do something funny to my complexion. I have a few beautiful greens but they manage to look BLAH on me. If you’re sparkle phobic, run in the opposite direction :P

  6. Your looks are incredible! I like the daytime sparkly, personally, especially with the lip colour in the last look. Think I need to experiment with falsies a little more, as yours look incredible :P

    • I’m glad you like them, Lena!
      Definitely explore false lashes, they’re my favourite way to amp up a look :) If you post photos, link me!

  7. oh wow, I really like the look you did with epatant and mirifique. I am very glad <i have those colours otherwose i would be very tempted. The last picture is just stunning!

  8. Happy belated birthday! It’s amazing how Epatant looks so diff on you ( compared to myself). When I use it can detect hardly any of the green tinge. My fave look on you is the one with Illusoire.

  9. A more silvery grey shade. Nothing like how it looks on you. Emmerveile is my fave shade from this line :)

  10. These, especially Ebloui is spectacular on you! Makes me want to break Illusoire out again. I’m not sure why I am not so enamoured with them, but your pics are totally inspiring.

  11. Gorgeous looks, I love your style! My favorite is probably Mitifique, they all are incredible… That sparkle!
    Taylor recently posted..Burberry ‘Light Glow’ Blush in Peony

  12. It is taking all the control I have not to jump on and buy about $1200 worth of Chanel I especially love the Mirifique..instant smokey eye.
    Angela Hall recently posted..What Your Favorite Makeup Artist (me of COURSE) Wants for Christmas

    • Hi Angela!
      Mirifique is my most used Chanel product, very versatile. Doubles up as a shimmery black eyeliner! I give you permission to cave in ;)

  13. Love how you’ve used these- now I’m inspired t o dig out my Illusion DÓmbres. Gorgeous
    Jen W recently posted..Lipstick Bandits Look Swap: Vampy Berry Lip A La Xiao of Messy Wands

  14. Emmi E

    Hi Karima! How do you apply the Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadow? Do you use the brush that comes with it or just your fingers?

  15. I love the shape of your eyes – they make all of these look beautiful. I have Illusoire too but it doesn’t look anywhere as amazing on me. Have you done a youtube tutorial using one of these? I would love to see!
    Jane @lifesentropy recently posted..DUPE 13 | Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Mademoiselle

  16. You are so beautiful! And these makeup looks are absolutely stunning! I have the same ones as you except I have fantasme and not ebouli. Would you recommend using cream shadows instead of powder shadows?

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