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So you may have heard me say that the Burberry eyeshadow colours don’t wow me, but so many have raved about the amazing texture that I thought I’d give one or two a go. I got Midnight Brown and Taupe Brown, swatches and pictures below…

Here is the beautiful compact:

Burberry Eyeshadow Comparisons

Here is Midnight Brown (dark, shimmery cool toned brown)

Burberry Eyeshadow Comparisons

And here is Taupe Brown (dark, matte grey/brown)

Burberry Eyeshadow Comparisons

Here are the two, swatched side by side. Midnight Brown on left, Taupe Brown on right.

Burberry Eyeshadow Comparisons

To give you a better indication of how they compare to other shadows you may own, here are some comparison swatches:

Left to right: MAC Satin Taupe, Burberry Midnight Brown, Urban Decay Darkhorse

Burberry Eyeshadow Comparisons

And left to right: Rouge Bunny Rouge Blackpepper Jay, Burberry Taupe Brown, MAC Brun

Burberry Eyeshadow Comparisons

No ‘real’ dupes for Midnight Brown- Satin Taupe is lighter and frostier, while Darkhorse is darker and cooler.

Both Brun and Blackpepper Jay are similar to Taupe Brown, but Blackpepper Jay is a lot greyer (than the Burberry counterpart) in real life. MAC Brun has a slight sheen that Taupe Brown doesn’t, and the texture of Brun was horrid to work with- took me many strokes to get the level of intensity shown in the swatch.

Both Burberry textures appear pigmented and soft upon swatching, but I’ll report back once I’ve used them on the eyes.

Do you own any Burberry eyeshadows? What are your thoughts?


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  1. I don’t have any Burberry eyeshadow but would really love to have them. I swatch them at the counter but fell in love with the texture but there’s always a thing that stops me from buying it..

    1. Hey there!
      If you’re a lover of neutral eyeshadow, they’re great. The texture is lovely. The colours are not that complex though, I’m not sure it’s a ‘must have’ for me. Hope that helps!

  2. I love the Burberry eyeshadow texture, but I haven’t been wowed by the shades either. I sold my Midnight Brown and Pale Barley. However, I have managed to hit pan on Trench, which is the perfect highlight / blending shade for me.

    1. Holy wow- how long have you owned Trench that you’ve managed to hit pan? Confession: I’ve never hit pan on any shadow. Although the colours don’t bowl me over, I’m hoping that they’ll become everyday basics.