Tom Ford Cognac Sable Eyeshadow [Tutorial]

Here is my face of the day :) I’m using the Tom Ford Cognac Sable eyeshadow quad previously reviewed.

EDIT: Click here to see a video tutorial using Tom Ford Cognac Sable

Left quad:

Tom Ford Cognac Sable


And swatches (left 4):

Tom Ford Cognac Sable


And here is the picture tutorial! As always, all the products I’ve used are highlighted in red.
Step 1:
Prime eyelid (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and place tape in desired angle.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable


Step 2:
Take a warm brown (mid toned shade in quad) on a blending brush (MAC 217) and apply in crease and outer V.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable


Step 3:
Take a darker brown (dark shade in quad) on a tapered brush (MAC 226) and deepen crease and outer V.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable


Step 4:
Take a copper glitter on a flat brush (MAC 239) and press all over the lid. I also took a light champagne shadow (lightest colour in quad) and using a wet brush, highlighted the inner corner.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable


Step 5:
Apply winged liner (Physicians Formula black pen) and tightline upper waterline (RBR Black Kohl). Peel off tape then run some of the dark brown shade on the lower lash line.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable


Step 6:
Apply mascara (Geisha Ink) and false lashes (optional- I used Shu Smoky Layers) and you’re done!

Tom Ford Cognac Sable


Finally, here are the full faced photos. Apologies about the flat hair.

Tom Ford Cognac Sable


Tom Ford Cognac Sable


Any readers own Tom Ford makeup? Let us know your thoughts by posting on the Shameless Fripperies Facebook page!


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  1. jasmine valistreri

    I have a few Tom Ford blushes and I LOVE them, but I haven’t tried anything else in his line. To be honest I’m a little nervous about shelling out for the eyeshadows before I read any really glowing reviews about them. This is such a beautiful look that I’m tempted though.

    • Hi again, Jasmine!
      Which Tom Ford blushes do you own? I’ve been quietly admiring their lipsticks.
      No doubt, the eyeshadows quads are pricy, but if you’re looking to splurge and treat yourself, they really hit the spot! I also own the Burnished Amber quad, I’m hoping to do a look on this soon.

  2. this is such a beautiful look! you have put the colours together so nicely,you have done an amazing job! :)

  3. Aaaah Karima you’re becoming my #1 source of lemmings!

  4. Gorgeous! I want Cognac Sable now. :)

  5. Atika

    I have several lipsticks and they are beautifully pigmented, yet feel so incredibly light on the lips, I forget I’m wearing a lipstick. Gorgeous colors and packaging. Of course the price is not as attractive….yikes!

  6. Gorgeous look and great tutorial! The colors in both of these quads look beautiful.

  7. Alexandra

    Love the look.I want to add some Tom Ford to my collection,but its so expensive,i find it hard to justify buying it.
    May i ask what you are wearing on your lips?

    • I can relate, I had a cringe moment at the checkout. The lip is Rouge Bunny Rouge Birthday Suit, which is a gloss (rare occasion for me, I rarely wear gloss!)

  8. Atika

    hey Karima, no they don’t slip for me personally, and i don’t anchor them with lip liner or any other product on my lip. For the price they better they stay put!

  9. Gorgeous look! I found your blog while doing research on this quad–I’m trying to decide whether to get Cognac Sable or Golden Mink. The colors in this palette really look lovely on you! :) I have just a few Tom Ford lipsticks and the blush “Love Lust,” which has a very pretty glow to it.

    • Welcome, Shannon :)
      I recall looking at both Cognac Sable and Golden Mink in store- I opted for the former because the pigment seemed more finely milled. Let me know which you end up getting!
      And a Tom Ford lipstick is at the top of my wishlist right now!

  10. pia

    Karima, I just discovered you and I LOVE your blog. The layout you have is especially pleasing since I can browse through easily!
    As for the Cognac Sable, this post definitely has helped me finalize my purchase. The only products from TF I own right now are the lipsticks and they are gorgeous! You should definitely get them, they are long lasting and leave a stain, even the nude colors :)

    • Hey Pia!
      I’m so glad to hear that you like the blog! I only just recently switched to this layout and I’m LOVING it :)
      Cognac Sable is one of Tom Ford’s standout pieces, in my opinion. And I’m in the market for one of his lipsticks- do you have any shade recommendations? I’m open to anything!

  11. Delyteful Speaks

    I looove cognac sable and i recently got cocoa mirage which is also sooo beautiful for everyday.. Have u tried their blushes?

    • Cocoa Mirage does look like a great, everyday neutral! I’m not hugely into blushes (I’m naturally flushed) but I did look into love lust. Which TF blushes do you own, if any?

  12. Kaisyah

    You are DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL! I am now obsessed with your blog, karima! You are so gorgeous as well, I hope you’ll post more! Love your blog and you are incredibly talented! xo from Geneve

  13. I’m so crazy for the palette! I was just adding it to my cart, but was seeking some more swatches. I love the look created and I am completely sold! Your such a stunner! And such fabulous taste! Trouble trouble :-)
    Taylor recently posted..See me on Gourmet Beauty

    • Hello Taylor :)
      I own way too much eyeshadow and this palette is among my favourites, it’s really beautiful and I feel so glamorous when I wear it. I’m so excited to see you wear this! I think it would be incredible on your colouring :)

  14. lou

    This looks amazing, do you think it would suit someone who is quite pale, blonde with blue eyes? I’ve seen this recommended for olive skin, I think it’s beautiful but I’m not sure how it will look on me.

    • Hey Lou!
      I think coppers look BEST on blue eyes, actually! If you feel like copper clashes with your skintone, you could go with a slightly cooler gold. I can’t say for sure without seeing a picture, however, sounds like it would look striking on you :)

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