Rouge Bunny Rouge Showcase and Tutorial [Video]

As you all probably know (because I harp on about it like a lunatic), Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of my all time favourite brands, boasting my favourite eyeshadow formulation. This video come tutorial will act as a brand showcase, giving a closer look into the range and some techniques on application.

Disclaimer, of sorts:
I am not affiliated with Rouge Bunny Rouge or any of their stockists. I paid for all these products, all opinions are my own.


Final Look:





Slight tangent, let’s all take a moment to view the day I buried myself in Rouge Bunny Rouge…

While you’re at it, view my Top 5 Rouge Bunny Rouge products post (needs to be updated, me thinks).


Complete List of Products:
Naked Disguise- Glide Concealer- Shade Eunice
Luminous Skin Wand- Fine Spun Light- Shade Alula
Crease Brush- 011
Long-Lasting Cream Eyeshadow- Silk Aether- Chiffon Ringlet
Long-Lasting Eyeshadow- When Birds Are Singing- Bejewelled Skylark
Long-Lasting Eyeshadow- When Birds Are Singing- Periwinkle Cardinal
Long-Lasting Matt Eyeshadow- When Birds Are Singing- Chestnut-Napped Apalis
Eye Kohl- Feline Gaze- Salome
Big Lash Mascara- Amplitudes- Pure Obsidian
Highlighting Liquid- Seas Of Illumination- Sea Of Showers
Sheer Lipstick- Succulence Of Dew- Perfume Of His Gaze
Fragrant Confections- Vespers




Questions/comments welcomed! I’m all ears ☺


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  1. oh my this is lovely! I wouldn’t have thought to use a moss green like that. I will try this soon ^^
    Nikole recently posted..Exhausted Caution

    • Hey Nikole :D
      Greens don’t normally suit me so I have to get creative! Inner corner or center lid highlights. Post pics if you try it!

  2. gorgeous colour combo, but you never failed at that actually. love RBR as well, as you may know already :P
    Claire recently posted..2013 Resolutions | Upcoming Posts | Wishlist

  3. Why they heck have I not bought Periwinkle Cardinal yet?! I have wanted it for so long and every time I place an order I FORGET!
    Perilously Pale recently posted..Get the Look ~ Julianne Hough at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards

  4. Gorgeous. I’m loving that lipstick too!!!!
    Arantha recently posted..Happy Things

  5. Karima, Karima, Karima. Why you gotta show me this? You know I have a weakness for companies that make quality products and beautiful eyeshadow shades. Your blog is very dangerous for my bank account….. :P
    Chris recently posted..Revlon Perplex Nail Polish

  6. tanni

    This eye combo is stunning!

  7. Buggsiebee

    I’m so thrilled to have found this tutorial. I LOVE this combination on you & decided to try it. I have never worn my shadows placed like this ( using a dark shade on the inner corner ) for fear of making my eyes appear smaller. It looked fantastic though & has become my favourite method – espcially with these three shades. Brilliant!! MANY thanks for sharing:)

    • Hey there!
      I’m so glad you liked the tutorial! I think as long as you’re not using a black shade in the inner and outer corner, it doesn’t lend a small-eyed look. Iridescence in the center of the lid actually makes my eyes look bigger :)
      My pleasure, thanks for your great feedback!

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