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… of the moment, at least 🙂 This is one of the most frequently asked questions across all my platforms so I took a long hard look at my stash and narrowed it down to 5 (ish? I’m big on mixing OKAY!).

Favourite Foundations

Skin Background

I’m 24 years of age and my skin could be described as: normal to dry, delicate and riddled with sporadic redness. My face is a makeup magnet and I rarely experience issues with longevity. I’ll do my best to address various skin types but ultimately, I’ve chosen these products based on their performance on my skin type – one size does not fit all so obtain samples wherever possible.

In terms of skin tone, I’m between an NC20 and NC25 (using the MAC colour system because it’s easily accessible and widely recognised) with a cooler yellow/olive undertone. Some of the foundations mentioned run a little too golden yellow as opposed to cooler yellow (yes, there is a difference!) but genuinely olive matches are hard to come by and the market sucks balls.

Favourite Foundations

Dior – Airflash in 201 Linen

An intriguing foundation with an aerosol delivery system – you can mist 8 inches from the face but I find it settles on the hairline and the brows and every surface of the house, so instead I spray a few discrete dots and blend with fingers or a brush. What’s the point of makeup in a can if you’re going to blend with a brush? I’m not sure, but the product inside is beautiful so who cares.

The formula has a satin finish, feels gloriously lightweight and offers a surprising amount of coverage; anything from a second-skin finish to full coverage. More often than not, I’ll go for a medium coverage and it looks and feels like nothing, very skin-like.

The shade range is a bit crappy, I have 201 Linen which is a decent match upon application but 10 minutes later, it’s a touch warm and deep – keep that in mind when purchasing, I plan to finish the bottle before trying shade 100 because… $$$.

Minor critiques; it does settle into laugh lines a touch but I’ll smile and run a q-tip down that crease to remove excess product, which does the job. Also the longevity isn’t the best of the foundations mentioned today but paired with a setting spray and we’re all good.

Overall, If you like the idea of all these lightweight/volatile oil foundations but your skin is too dry/textured for that breed of formula, give Airflash a go – it’s far more forgiving.

I grab it when… I’m in a rush and/or I’m anticipating flash photography – it is spf free!

Best suited to… Normal to combination skintypes, oily skintypes will likely require a primer/powder/setting spray. Due to the slight settling, I wouldn’t recommend it to mature skin types concerned with lines and wrinkles.

Favourite Foundations

Koh Gen Do – Aqua Foundation in 213*

The Koh Gen Do Aqua is always in high rotation because of the GENUINELY OLIVE shade match! Thank-freaking-heavens! As a matter of fact, it’s the closest shade match that I’ve encountered thus far.

The formula is also magnificent; from what I gather, Koh Gen Do prides themselves with formulas that look like skin and they’ve hit the nail on the head with the Aqua Foundation. I find this formulation retains the natural skin texture, which could be both a good or a bad thing – it’s not particularly smoothing nor does it disguise pores but that’s the beauty of it, it doesn’t look makeup-y in the slightest.

Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin types but I recommend something else if you’re often peeling or flaking – again, not the most smoothing on texture. While it doesn’t settle or separate, the formula isn’t geared towards oily skins, give it a miss if you’re seeking oil-absorbing properties.

FYI: Koh Gen Do Aqua can be purchased on Beautylish.

I grab it when… I’m feeling nitpicky about colour match and/or I’m seeking a uber realistic looking skin.

Best suited to… Normal to dry skin types, also more mature skins.

Favourite Foundations

Giorgio Armani – Lasting Silk 4.5 & 5.5

My Armani Lasting Silk vs Luminous Silk post is still the most popular page on the Sham Frip so I won’t speak too deeply here. Lasting Silk is my go-to foundation for a medium coverage, porelessness illusion – without a doubt the most smoothing of the bunch, it almost looks like a ridiculous photoshop job and I say that in the best way possible.

I’ve heard many describe this as a matte foundation and I would respectfully disagree; it’s a satin finish foundation loaded with light reflective particles (not shimmer) that deflect shadows. The consistency is lightweight, longevity is great and the coverage is versatile.

Two instances where I might not select Lasting Silk: particularly dry and flaky days (this base is best suited to normal to oily skins) and photoshoots (given the SPF, I’ve never noticed flashback but better to be safe than sorry).

I grab it when… My pores are bothering me and all the friggin time.

Best suited to… Normal to oily skins. If you’re frequently parched, skip it.

Favourite Foundations

Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation 4 & 4.5

Again, much babble in my original review. For me, Luminous Silk is exclusively a photography foundation. In person, I think the Lasting Silk is far less detectable on the skin but there are instances where photos are damn important, example: I wore it when I was a bridesmaid (I passed out mid ceremony but at least my face was impeccable).

Luminous Silk registers as utterly flawless skin in photos, your photo editor will thank you. If you’re planning to wear this to YOUR wedding or a very special occasion, I would strongly recommend a primer and a setting spray – I’ve seen this melt in the past.

NB: My best shade match is 4 but I don’t have one on hand to swatch, 4.5 is darker and runs peach.

I grab it when… Crucial photography settings.

Best suited to… Slight deviations either side of the ‘normal skintype’ range.

Favourite Foundations

Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52 + L’Oreal True Match in W2

I’m cheating here because this option is actually a mix of two foundations but it deserves a mention. Alone, the Bourjois Healthy Mix is a medium coverage, satin finish foundation that is kind to dry skin while the L’Oreal True Match is a medium-buildable coverage velvety fluid with a matte finish. I like both alone but together, it’s a match made in heaven.

The combo provides an impressive medium to full coverage so I can apply sparingly and it never looks heavy or cakey. The Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 brings an olive hue to the table while the L’Oreal True Match is silicone heavy thus conceals pores effortlessly.

Of all the foundations mentioned in this post, this mix offers the best longevity: minimal sheen in the t-zone, no settling, melting or separation. At the six hour mark, it looks as fresh as it does upon application.

I grab it when… I’m seeking a fuller coverage without it looking as though I’m wearing full coverage.

Best suited to… Normal to oily skintypes.

Favourite Foundations

Charlotte Tilbury – Light Wonder Foundation in 4 (often adding the Cover FX – Custom Cover Drops in G20)

In my original and absurdly thorough Light Wonder review, my main critiques were: all over glossiness (I’m not big of gloss all over, but you might be!), the coverage left much to be desired and a very tacky finish that poses issues if you choose to layer powder colour products.

One drop of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops rectifies aforementioned concerns; the drops are a dry oil which mute the glossy finish down to a luminous satin and tones down tackiness while bumping up the coverage. I use the Custom Cover Drops in shade G20, which lifts the Light Wonder 4 shade to a winter match.

Recently I went overboard with the chemical exfoliants and my skin was peeling in sheets, this mixture was the only base that looked presentable. I still love and use the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder alone, but it’s the marriage of the two products that secures its position in this list.

I grab it when… I’m seeking all over luminosity or when my skin is flaky/dry.

Best suited to… The Light Wonder alone is suited to very dry skin types while the combination of the two performs best on normal to dry. Both instances are fab if you often struggle with flakiness.

Favourite Foundations

Phew! You probably wanted a simple list and I gave you a damn novel 😛 I’d love to know your favourite foundations (and skintype for reference!), leave them in the comments section below!


* Denotes products sent for consideration. I only feature products I love 🙂

Complete list of products mentioned

Light Wonder Foundation
Light Wonder Foundation
Custom Cover Drops
Custom Cover Drops
Airflash Spray Foundation
Airflash Spray Foundation
Aqua Foundation
Aqua Foundation
True Match Foundation
True Match Foundation
Healthy Mix Foundation
Healthy Mix Foundation
Luminous Silk Foundation
Luminous Silk Foundation
Lasting Silk
Lasting Silk
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. I am a big fan of Bourjous Healthy Mix foundation but recently I started to notice it does not give me the result it use to. Maybe it is because they excluded ginger which was presented in the original formula or maybe it’s me. I think I will try the mix of two as you mentioned in this post. I’ve never done it before but I am curious about the result.
    Great post, Karima! 🙂

  2. Hi! Thanks for this breakdown!! I plan to use GA Luminous for my wedding day- can you recommend a good primer and setting powder or spray? What would you use to keep it fresh all day long? I have the same skin type and skin tone as you!

    1. I do love the Hourglass Veil but that one has SPF so not suitable for photos. I’d probably pair the Luminous Silk with Benefit Porefessional and Urban Decay All Nighter Spray.
      Congratulations on the wedding <3

  3. Love your reviews – so thorough and informative. My favorite foundation at the moment is Cantecaille Future Skin Foundation. Ridiculously expensive – and I have to mix two colors for my perfect match – but it is worth it because it is the only foundation I have found that I can wear on a daily basis that does not dry my skin out or break me out. I am 39 with oily, sensitive skin with some redness around the nose. It takes a while to get the hang of how to apply it because it is very thick and a little goes a long way so it is easy to apply too much before you realize it, but I can get barely-there-flawless coverage with a little time and effort. It is a little too sheeny on me, but I have to use a setting powder no matter what so I don’t mind. Lasts all through my work day which can be very long. Also the shades leave a lot to be desired – the undertones seem off so I would think most people have to mix colors, but I just can’t beat how much my skin loves this.

  4. Great post, Karima! Love you way of describing products. The L’Oreal True Match range in the Netherlands sucks so bad, my shade is impossible to find :(. The Bourjois, on the other hand, is available, maybe I’m giving it a shot, heard others rave about it as well. Do you own the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish (I wonder if it’s better than the RBR settling powder)?

    1. Hey Lily,
      I own both the RBR and Charlotte Tilbury powders and both are lovely. If I had to pick one, I would go the RBR because it sits well over every base I own, whereas the Charlotte Tilbury sits better on some foundations that others.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Loved the review Karima, yours are my favourite to read with a Cup of tea and a few sweet treats….
    My favourite and “go-to” foundation for years has been the Revlon Colorstay for Oily/Combo skin… Im 29 and still struggle with my oily skin, so I love the finish as its matte and don’t feel like a have to constantly check if I need to re-powder throughout the day (From years of wearing incorrect formulas I’m very aware of oil on my face during the day) I’ve recently bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum which I heard was a good lightweight day time option… So I’m looking forward to giving that a go…
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on primers, and how to match the right one to your foundations, that’s were I struggle. I tried a good few from different brands over the years and have found some cause my foundation to stay all day perfectly and others cause it to split and ‘crack’ after only a few hours… What’s your thoughts…

    Looking forward to your next review x

    1. Hi Michelle, no guru here but just tried the Hourglass liquid to powder foundation. Great on my oily bits. You still may need to powder those bits now & then if you have a long day, but the overall finish of the base is quite lovely. I will say that it isn’t particularly kind to flaky areas. Give it a go if you can get a sample…it is a bit pricey. Good luck!

    2. Hey Michelle,
      What primers have worked for you? And which didn’t? I avoid the very matte primers (Becca Evermatte) because they can cause my foundation to crack. Some of my favourite primers are Benefit Porefessional, Hourglass Veil and Max Factor Face Finity.
      I find they sit well under most bases 🙂 Hope this helps!

  6. Karima, what a wonderful run down 🙂 My favourite foundation nowadays is the YSL fusion ink in the shade b40, which has an olive undertone as opposed to b30. I apply it with a beauty blender over my porefessional by benefit and my skin look photoshopped! Give it a try!

  7. Great post! Foundation posts are always some of my favourites, and you’re are always especially good 🙂

    I must admit to adoring the (hideously expensive) By Terry Sheer Expert. As the name suggests, it offers minimal coverage, but I’m okay with that. What I really want from a base is for it to even out skin tone, have a natural to slightly luminous finish and a good colour match (with my very pale, cool-toned skin this can be difficult!). Sheer Expert definitely has all of that. I’m more than happy to use a good concealer to cover any blemishes/dark circles.

    If I need something with more coverage I love Luminous Silk; it’s slightly too dark, but I can usually make it work. I’ll have to try Lasting Silk and KGD Aqua Foundation at some point! I’m always a sucker for foundations that don’t look like foundations!

      1. Only 3 months late, but was just rereading this post and contemplating my next foundation purchase!

        My skin tone is fairly cool, and I’m matched to Fair Beige in Sheer Expert. I often have issues with foundation looking orange on my skin, but Fair Beige doesn’t do that at all, which is fantastic! For more context though I can just pull off Luminous Silk in 2 in summer and also Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc 🙂

  8. Oh how i wish koh gen do did super pale shades because i have been dying to try their aqua foundation since i started following you! Im a big fan of natural looking foundations but its so damn hard to find good ones that cater for how white i am. So frustrating! My current foundation is the bobbi brown skin foundation (i use both the liquid and the stick depending on what i need that day) and whilst i dont LOVE the formula i do like it and i have gotten a lot of compliments on my skin recently so i think it must be doing some good. Good one to give a try on good skin days

  9. I LOVE the luminous silk! I have shade 4.5 but you’re right it does run a bit peach. I might pick up the lighter shade next time I have to repurchase. I’m really interested in Lasting silk maybe I’ll try that one too! (or instead because you know money) Great review!

  10. I think your makeup philosophy leans a bit towards Asian compared to most Western beauty bloggers. So some of these foundations below might be right up your alley. Most of these aren’t liquids but more of a cream/serum texture. I was hesitant to try this kind of foundations at first for I didn’t want anything looking heavy on my face. But the finish is truly skin like and flawless with the right application.

    You probably already tried some but these are my favorites – I’m combination oily and nc30 in summer; normal and nc25 in winter, a year younger than you but with more problematic skin (I get breakouts and blemishes sometimes and all these products are relatively kind in that they have decent coverage and don’t exacerbate any skin problems.)

    Chantecaille future skin foundation in “cream” – great winter foundation. buildable.

    Ellis Fass Skin veil in s103 – I much prefer serum/cream foundation than liquid these days but this one is an old favorite. I’m sure plenty of people talked about it already. I use it when my skin’s overall happy and I want to let it show through.

    RMK foundation in 102 – Does have SPF, natural skin like finish. Comparable to Skin Veil.

    Cle de Peau Beaute silky cream foundation – I’m O10 all across the board for this brand. This one really is my favorite. Something in it interacts with the oil on your face and makes it more beautiful as the day progresses. This foundation is overall great but looks its best at hour 3-4 after application. (CPB also has a great translucent powder that goes amazingly with any foundation.)

    albion excia al make up serum in NA201- Has SPF 18, every time I apply it I end up staring at the mirror for a while wondering, who the hell is this person.

    1. Unfortunately the Ellis Faas range doesn’t have a decent shade match for me 🙁 So sad, I liked the formula. I’ll check out the RMK and Cle de Peau, sounds lovely! Thank you 🙂

  11. I have pretty much all of these!! What do you think has more coverage Mac face and body or the CT light wonder? Do you find them similar at all?

  12. I’m on the hunt for the perfect foundation for my skin. Like you, I value a natural looking finish, undetectable to the eye. Every time I’m at Sephora I try a different one and surprisingly my favorite foundation so far is from the drugstore, the Bourjois healthy mix serum. Really enjoyed reading about your favorites. Must try some of these next time!

  13. I love Nars Sheer Glow but have so wanted the GA Luminous silk to work for me because it is mentioned and loved so much, but sadly it doesn’t. Great post x

    1. NARS Sheer Glow is a nice one actually, and I have a decent shade match. I don’t always repurchase it because for whatever reason, there are some days where it looks ‘off’ on me (I suspect these are days where I’m uber dehydrated).

  14. I’m a big fan of the Bourjois Healthy Mix for its natural finish and its perfect (52) shade match to my skin. But occasionally I want a more ‘done’ look so thank you very much for the tip on combining it with the True Match, particularly in giving me the actual shade combo.

    1. Also Fiona, quick note that the True Match W2 will lift the Bourjois 52 shade (which works for me but if 52 is the perfect depth for you, you might want to go one shade up in the True Match). xx

      1. I know it has been nearly a year but I finally tried the Healthy Mx + True Match combo and I really really like it. The finish is so polished and it wears so well. So impressed.
        Because Australia doesn’t get the full shade range I got N3 instead of W2 in the True Match and I use one small pump of that with a slightly larger pump of the Healthy Mix 52 and it’s a really good shade match for me. A light dusting of Everyday Minerals Pearl Finishing Dust (fab stuff) makes it last all day with a soft glow.

        So long as it doesn’t break me out I think I’ve found my new combo. Thanks Karima.

  15. I wear Koh Gen Do Aqua in 213 daily! I love the color match, but my skin is normal-leaning-shiny by the end of the day. I’m basically in denial about this because I love the KGD Aqua so much for the first half of the day.

    I like MUFE’s new HD foundation in 117, seems like a similar color match to me but I need to test it more. I will also try the Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 you recommend, especially if it has great longevity and will work well for normal to oily skin types! I’m looking for something long lasting for my wedding next year.

    Thank you, love your blog and reviews! 🙂

  16. Hi Karima,

    I can vouch for Healthy Mix and Luminous Silk also! Particularly find myself always returning to Healthy Mix. If only it didn’t contain alcohol, but I really do love it. I’m the same shade as you but have only mixed it with True Match in W1 which was way too light. Do you stock up on W2 in the States or purchase it online somewhere? They don’t seem to sell that shade in Australia ):

    I am really keen to try out the Koh Gen Do, also and maybe the Diorskin Airflash.

  17. Hi Karima,
    Im a canadian and i just discovered your channel and blog! just made my way through most of your videos and i love love love you! (stuck in bed waiting for a back surgery so i relish the distraction) great post.

  18. Very informative, Karima! Before I saw your blog post about skin-like foundation application, I hadn’t heard of Koh Gen Do Aqua. I tried out samples and a) you’re 100% right about the finish and b) 213 is the best shade match I’ve found in any base (so great for dealing with the redness around my nose). Thanks!

  19. Your recommendations are right up my street. I especially love the Dior Airflash and the KGD. I’m currently liking Too Faced Born With It, MAC Waterproof, Chanel Velvet Lumiere and Burberry Sheer foundation (shade 04 Trench and my skin is very close to yours in tone) – looks great layered over the Burberry BB cream. The Laura Mercier Oil free Silk Creme is fantastic mixed with their
    Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer (and they have a shade called Bamboo Beige which is a great match for lighter skin tones with an olive undertone!)The regular Silk Creme is lovely and blends like a dream but I reserve it for colder weather when my skin is drier. Xx

    1. Another thumbs up for silk créme. I discovered it just before they changed the packaging and maybe the formulation as there is now a matte and a luminous version.

  20. Skintype: Oily t-zone, normal everywhere else.

    I used to be into NARS Sheer Glow (not sheer or glowy, more like medium satin/velvet; I wear Siberia). My current love is the new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD (Y205 Alabaster; also my best shade match… not overly yellow-toned at all, very neutral). I also quite like Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish (I wore Shell) and enjoyed using their Luminous Skin Colour (discontinued a year or so ago. just wish I had a better shade match in it or that I bought MAC Face and Body in White to mix with it sooner; Porcelain, which I wore, was too dark on my über pale skin).

  21. Hello! I appreciate the thorough descriptions in each and every one of your posts – this is no exception. My skin type is normal to dry in usual conditions, and quite delicate as well. However, because I live in climate that saturates the atmosphere with 90% humidity, I struggle from constant sweating. I would just have to step out of the house for a mere 5 minutes for my forehead to glisten with tiny sweat drops. Many foundations seem unable to resist heavy humidity, or at least, those which try are better suited to controlling oil and not sweat. My favourite foundation at the moment would be the Mac Face and Body in C4! Its pretty long lasting and the film former ensures that the skin loves even in texture. I loved the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat in BD50 as well but they don’t sell it anymore in Singapore! (such a pity) The Mac F&B however does not have a shade olive enough, but oh well, as you’ve mentioned, there is a gap in the market for olive, cool-toned yellow based foundations.

    Also, when is the post/video featuring the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage palette making its appearance? 😀 😀 😀

    1. Hey Ruth!
      Glad to hear the MAC F&B is serving you well! I’d love that one too but unfortunately it needs to be worked into the skin (which makes my skin red etc etc). Thanks for reminding me of the Cocoa Mirage, will get onto it!

  22. Great post Karima! I’m intrigued to try out the Giorgio Armani lasting silk! Have you tried the Lorac concealer/foundation pen? I think you might like that as well. Is there a chance of doing a post on your favorite tinted/bb/cc creams, pleeeeease? 😀 I have combination skin but can still get away with using products aimed at dry skin since I can set my face with powder and I should be good to go. Love you and your videos! xo

  23. Ah! Right on time. I’m running out of my foundation. Currently using the Clarins Evermatte which I love, and it doesn’t get enough attention I think.

    And like you Karima, I want my skin to look like skin. So I prefer a good coverage foundation but to apply it very thinly in just the areas I need (nose, and below my lower lip).

    Not sure whether to repurchase it or try something else….maybe the Bourjois Healthy Mix if I get a colour match. But I just love how my Clarins smells like cucumbers. It’s so refreshing to put on, and a great way to start the day. I have a sample of the Estee Lauder Double wear in the shade tawny. It’s not bad. It lasts but it may be very slightly darker than I would like. Decisions, decisions….

  24. KGD Aqua is seriously the best. Never fails. I want my skin to look like my own, just perfected. KGD totally fits the bill more so than any other foundation I’ve ever tried. It helps that 213 is my all time best match ever. This stuff lasts me forever too! I haven’t read through all the comments yet so I apologize if I’m repeating what someone already said, but it’s worth mentioning that you can order samples of KGD foundation from their website for under $4 (just shipping cost basically). Totally worth it to get a perfect shade match! Great post by the way, Karima. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say. You’re just too damn adorable! 😉

  25. Is it wrong that I get excited just to scroll up and down at the top of the webpage… uggghhh such sexy web page design!

  26. Thank you for this post! I’m always curious to know what foundations other people are using so that I can judge what could possibly be best for my normal-to-combo skin. Unfortunately, I have fine yet dark facial hairs that are often emphasized by some foundations despite providing flawless coverage formy skin. I already love and use the KGD Aqua, and am most interested in the Bourjois + L’Oréal combo. Will any of the foundations you listed rectify my concerns? Also, what tool of choice would be best for application?

    1. Hey TP,
      Have you considered threading? My skin is too delicate for it but if I could, I totally would! The Bourjois + L’Oreal doesn’t seem to emphasise hairs on the face but I imagine it might depend on the person.
      Tool wise, I almost always use fingers but occasionally I’ll use a beauty blender.

  27. Hi Karima!
    I have to ask: what shade(s) of Giorgio Armani’s Lasting Silk do you use with the Chanel Le Blanc Illuminating Base? I’m asking because I have the same skin color you have 🙂

    Have you tried using Laura Mercier’s Radiance Foundation Primer? It also adds a beautiful glow!

    Please let me know if you can, and thank you so much – I love your blog xoxo

  28. Hi Karima,

    Have you tried Koh Gen Do Moisture foundation? If yes, what do u think in comparison to the Aqua foundation? And which shade?


    1. Hey Lu,

      I have tried the KGD Moisture foundation. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a genuine olive match (I have 113, which was too golden and peachy on me) and it didn’t sit very nicely on my skin, I much prefer the Aqua Foundation.


  29. May I suggest the new Bobbi Brown Serum foundation? Hate the applicator, love the product. Much more forgiving to texture than, say, the Dior Nude Air, or most similarly textured bases in fact. Sheer to medium coverage, glowy but not too dewy, can do with a light dusting of powder if you have oily areas. Beautiful product, most skin types could use. Not particularly long wearing. Feels light and looks luxe. Also does well with a drop of Artemis oil mixed into first layer if your skin is feeling cranky and congested, as my overly rosy and often dehydrated on the cheeks, prone to broken capillaries skin does often in its oily, Exxon Valdiz T zone crevices, especially at ahem certain times. I also love the MAC waterproof cream base. Beautiful texture and satin finish, great coverage. Maybe not great for super oily or the super dry types, but most of us with a touch of both will do well with this base. As usual for MAC, great color range. I suggest going half a shade darker than your usual shade with this one.

  30. L’oreal has recently repackaged and reformulated their foundation, according to reviews it’s more lightweight and slightly less matte, but not as long-wearing. They’ve completely removed the original formula in Europe, but not in Australia or the USA. Could you pls try it out when it does? I’d also like to hear your thoughts on the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, as Lisa Eldridge seems to prefer it. Btw, why does the True Match look lighter in the swatches than the other foundations? Does it oxidise or is it bc you don’t wear it on it’s own?

    Sorry for the gazillion questions hahah, I just can’t get anything in my country so I have to order online and we’re skintwins + I trust your opinion since I love everything I’ve bought of of you recommendation! Love you Karima! Lovely post as usual. x

    1. Hmmm that’s kinda a bummer because I liked the old formulation but I will test the new one! I use this shade of True Match to lighten other foundations, that’s why it looks paler 🙂
      I prefer the Healthy Mix to the Healthy Mix Serum because the former has an olive shade match and it seems to sit better on my skin.

  31. Hello Karima 🙂
    Greetings from a fan in Greece! Needless to say you always look perfect and that your makeup tips are beyond helpful! Now, I would like to ask your opinion on something. I am in search for a foundation that is more smoothing than “covering”. I have heard you saying in the past that the Lasting Silk provides that smoothing effect. I am normal to oily(T-zone). I am thinking of trying the Armani but I want it for special occasions too. Do you have anything to suggest? (I tried the Ultra HD and,despite the nice coverage and the fact that it was rather lightweight I could see it on my skin and that it accentuated my pores!) I am sorry for the rumbling and I hope you have a great time and happy holidays 🙂

    1. Hey there 🙂
      I think you would benefit from a pore-filling primer and then you can add concealer/foundation sparingly to achieve ‘more smoothing than covering’.
      The Benefit Porefessional is a great pore-filling primer that is flash friendly and ideal for special occasions.

  32. Hi Karima i have recently discovered you and i have to say your tutorials are amazing also you look very beautiful ( not only outside but i also think inside as a person ) i want to ask which foundation would you recommend as my skin is usually flaky and i think its quite dry and i have also some redness ( but i am 17 so i usually have spots too nothing horrible but something is always on my face ) but even my skin is dry i have to powder my T zone …so what would you recommend ? i also would like something what looks natural and healthy 😀 thank you a lot, kisses from Slovakia 😀

    1. Hey Renata.
      My first piece of advice is to look closely at your skincare routine, if you are flaky more often than not, there is probably some culprit in your skincare.
      That aside, the Bourjois Healthy Mix is worth a try. Report back if you do try it 🙂

  33. I found your site looking for reviews of MAC F&B and am having a lot of fun reading. Still on the hunt for the perfect product. Here’s the deal: fairly pale, with redness, dry-ish, aging (yah yah, 40+), and… wildy reactive (as in requiring prescriptions) to chemical sunscreens such as octinoxate. This severely limits what I can even try. So far, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (at least a fresh bottle), Clinique City Block Sheer + powder (MAC Mineralize Loose), Mac F&B maybe/maybe not — I’ll go try patting my face now.
    Thanks for the reviews!

  34. Hey Karima! I love the charlotte tilbury light wonder but I also have an issue with the glossiness of it, so I think i’m going to follow your tip and get the custom cover drops to mix with it. Which shade do you think matches Light Wonder 4 perfectly? because that’s my perfect match. G30 maybe? thanks for your help!

  35. Hi Karima
    I am olive toned too, and I just went out to buy the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 52 as you recommended. The undertone is great, however it is a shade too dark for me as I am an nc15-20 instead of your nc20-25.

    I was wondering if shade 51 is olive toned too?
    Because I’m not sure if I should get it after finishing up the shade 52.


  36. Hi Karima,
    I got really excited when Beautylish was willing to ship some KGD colour samples to Canada (since the samples the KGD website normally send out are shipping to US only, and I cannot justify blindly buying it). In anticipation of the samples coming it, what is your favourite application technique for this foundation? Also thought of squeezing this in too, what about for your favourite UD Naked concealer?
    Thank you!

  37. NEED help!
    Hi Karima. I am writing because I don’t have an Armani counter where I live so have to buy ut online. I need your help because I am exactly your shade (NC 20-25) and have succesfully bought other foundations following your colour match (Koh Gen Do for instance). Which is the best shade in the Lumnibous Silk for you? I once bought 4.5 (too peachy…) and 5 (I have made it work but still runs a little peachy/too neutral/not olive enough for me). Does number 4 work for you? Thank sooooo much

  38. I need your help!
    Hi Karima. I am writing because I don’t have an Armani counter where I live so have to buy ut online. I need your help because I am exactly your shade (NC 20-25) and have succesfully bought other foundations following your colour match (Koh Gen Do for instance). Which is the best shade in the Lumnibous Silk for you? I once bought 4.5 (too peachy…) and 5 (I have made it work but still runs a little peachy/too neutral/not olive enough for me). Does number 4 work for you? Thank sooooo much

  39. help please!
    Hi Karima. I am writing because I don’t have an Armani counter where I live so have to buy ut online. I need your help because I am exactly your shade (NC 20-25) and have succesfully bought other foundations following your colour match (Koh Gen Do for instance). Which is the best shade in the Lumnibous Silk for you? I once bought 4.5 (too peachy…) and 5 (I have made it work but still runs a little peachy/too neutral/not olive enough for me). Does number 4 work for you? Thank sooooo much

  40. Great post Karima! Which shade of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is closest to MAC NC25 in terms of shade as well as warm undertone?

    Thanks! 🙂

  41. Hi Karima, you’re post is so helpful- it seems there are alot of us that struggle to find truly olive foundations! Do you know of any foundations that are matte with olive undertones as I don’t think the Ken Goh Do or GA LSF will last on my super oily skin? Thanks in advance. Naomi