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It seems to me that, at any given moment, a significant portion of the female population are attempting to grow out their eyebrows. For the past four months, I’ve been part of that movement- I’m a firm believer that brows can make or break a face and frankly, I was horrified unsatisfied with my own. I haz a timeline 😀

Let’s call this the before shot. I’ll transfer all blame to the lady who waxed my eyebrows.

Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

And now…forever a work in progress.

Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

I’ve compiled a list of stuffs wot I learnt during my four month eyebrow escapade, for those who are embarking on a similar journey. Bookmark this sh*t, because one day you or a loved one (directing this to my mum) will be in a similar predicament.

Put down the tweezers for a solid four months
It’s difficult to reshape your brows when you have no recollection of what your brows actually look like. Start fresh and grow them out entirely to access what’s achievable. Four months is my guideline but if you were unfortunate enough to partake in the 90’s brow trends, up that to six months. Don’t stress because time flies…NAHT, it feels like forever.

Limit yourself to a few hairs each week
…Once you’ve waited an eternity and are permitted to become reacquainted with your tweezers, that is. This tip is entirely optional but hear me out: the obsessive part of my personality made me want to grab my tweezerman and ravage my brows in one go. Don’t do that, that’s how we got here in the first place. I limited myself to two hairs (per brow, per week) so that I didn’t undo all my hard work in a moment of insanity. It also forced me to dislodge myself from the mirror, step back and reevaluate.

Take photos
I discovered this by accident. While taking photos for foundation reviews, I concluded that the mirror is a lying biatch. Perhaps it’s a perspective thing (because we tend to view ourselves in only a few angles) but pictures proved to be the best means of determining whether that hair should go or stay. The importance of the previous point becomes more apparent, here.

Be realistic
This was a hard lesson for me. Initially, I wanted long, flat brows like this:

\Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

I also wanted a pixie crop, but that’s another story. At the four month mark, I realized that a long, flat brow was not attainable for me because I have naturally short and angled brows. Moral of the story= you gotta work with your natural shape here.

Brush those brows in the desired direction
I have the tendency to get out of the shower and let my eyebrows run-a-muck. Brows are mischievous and will go haywire if you let them; brushing them into place ensures that they’re not pointing in every which way. For the same reason, pluck in the direction of growth, or you’ll have a singular hair that grows south. Naughty brows.

Brows are sisters, not twins
Mine aren’t even related but there is some truth behind this cliché saying. Brows can differ in shape and also positioning on your head- aim to get them looking their best individually. Nobody else notices, I promise.

Serums? Castor Oil?
Eh, I didn’t, mostly because I’m lazy. If you’ve overplucked for years then this is definitely something to look into, but I cannot speak to their efficacy.

What about waxing?
Personally, never again. If you know a waxer lady (or gent) that you trust entirely, then sure! But I’m damn confident that waxing salons are colluding against me… trying to steal my eyebrows.

Tl;dr version: Be patient. Resist sporadic plucking.

The final, concise comparison…

Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

Growing out the Brows: Picture Timeline and Tips

Are you growing out your brows? Have any tips or product recommendations to share?


Complete list of products mentioned

Pressed  Powder
Pressed Powder
Veil Mineral Primer
Veil Mineral Primer
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. I don’t have enough eyebrows, especially at the arched ends. It’s as though my brows decided to stop growing prematurely. So right now to help grow my eyebrows (if there are any hair follicles), I’m using Talika eyebrow serum.

  2. Your end result looks beautiful! I’m trying to grow out my brows too. I tend to over pluck. I’ve been applying castor oil at night after I wash my face and surprisingly, it’s been helping!

  3. Karima,
    I absolutely adore you! Really and truly! I myself have so few brow hairs (from overplucking in my reckless youth) that I’m really quite bald above the eyes. So, I have lost virtually all hope of growing them back (although I am trying some of the Revitalash on my brows that I am using for my thinning eyelashes). Sadly, I need to use shadows and brow pencil to give me any visible brows. Having said that, I got a big and badly needed chuckle from reading your tips. And I so agree with the comment about the lying biatch mirror! Keep writing these superb blogs! I need them, I truly do!

    1. Awwww thank you, Kaz <3 This comment makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I still need quite a lot of product to achieve the brow I want, but I guess that's what nature gave me! xxkarima

  4. LOL this post made me chuckle a lot. I haven’t had to grow out my brows. I’m blessed enough to have very full and dark brows. Good work on your progress! The restraint sounds difficult but you did it!

  5. When I was like, 13 I had flat brows that I thought looked horrible (sister’s taunting aside. also a weird thing to tease about) and I wanted Roman-arch ones like my mother’s. So I ended up with about three hairs left per brow. It’s been years on years on years and I am still doing damage control!

  6. I think your brows were pretty to begin with, but now they’re incredible.
    I’ve started to grow out my brows and I keep this post open in one of my browser tabs to keep me on track. Thanks! My brows will likely remain sparse, but any hair growth is welcome hair growth. Thank goodness for eyebrow makeup!

  7. Love this story! I am in the process of growing out my brows. To start with, I am a victim of the 90s brow, I too had about 5 good dark long hairs per brow. They were awful. Everyday I had to fill them in. I got good at it, but was sick and tired of it, especially the thought of having to do this for the rest of my life. For years I’ve wanted my brows back. So I cut bangs and didn’t touch my brows for a month. I would occasionaly use caster oil and that helped. At the end of the month I was able to give my brows their natural shape. Now I will continue to use caster oil and let them fill in. They look so much better than before but they still have a long way to go. With no additional product, I can actually see my eyebrows now. And I totally agree, it takes time but it’s worth it. And use caster oil.

    1. Hey Esther!
      I can totally feel your pain! Bangs are another great tip, why didn’t I think of that?! Maybe a silly question but where did you get castor oil?

  8. Iive been trying to grow my super dark brows for about 2 1/2 to 3 months. I can’t remember how long it’s been. I’m running into a problem where I have a bald spot on both brows. I’m guessing because I’ve plucked that particular area for so long. Any suggestions? Maybe time for a serum? Thanks!

  9. Great post! I’ve been growing my brows as well for the last 4 months as I’ve become obsessed with the brows from Cara Delevingne. I’m blonde, but really dark eyebrows and REALLY regret plucking my bushy brows back in the 90s. I read some really good views about castor oil (specifically Jamaican black castor oil). I bought a bottle from sunny Isle living (heaps of websites you can buy it from) and have been ‘soaking’ my brows in that oil every evening for the last two weeks….and I think I am starting to see results. I also take vitamins (Biotin and prenatal vitamins). I started daily brow-massages with a toothbrush (5min each brow), but I stopped doing that as I got lazy….maybe I’ll start again.

    1. Hey Doro! Thanks for sharing your experience, I’ve had quite a few people ask about ways to enhance brow growth so I’ll pass on the castor oil recommendation πŸ™‚ Best of brow-luck! xxkarima

  10. I love your eyebrows! And you really didn’t pluck more than a few hairs each week? But what about the hairs between your eyebrows? Even though I’m tyring to grow out my brows, I do pluck what’s in between. Do you trim your eyebrow hairs?

    1. Thank you! I really kept plucking to a minimum for those four months, I even resisted plucking between my brows. I wanted to really understand the shape I’d been given and I’d over plucked on the inner corners in the past, so I was just being safe. I do occasionally trim the hairs, I push them up with a spoolie and trim any long hairs. xx

  11. I have really thick, full, and fast growing brows (please don’t attack or envy me, trust me) so it may seem that I’m in the wrong place but I thought I might be able to help?

    Must haves:
    – Brow brush/comb
    – Patience!
    – Self control (don’t go tweezer crazy!)

    I get my eyebrows threaded frequently. Every week to every two weeks (but mines NEED to get them done every week). My brows grow insanely fast and can be very unruly. It cost me $9 and they always have specials, and plenty of other services!

    Threading. The benefit of being the most sensitive part is the precision. While waxing and plucking can leave unwanted stray hairs around brows, threading artist goes through your hair row by row, giving eyebrows a clean and defined shape. Threading only removes hair, not skin, and because it is so exact, it can remove hairs that are finer than those that can be removed by waxing or plucking. It maintain the thickness of your brows and prevents crows feet which can develop from waxing overtime, it is also the first form of hair removal since ancient times.

    Threading is the best form of hair removal for brows, so find a great artist at a threading salon! Yes it’s true that you shouldn’t let anyone do your brows but the only way to truely find your threader is through trail and error. But I know this is more time consuming for most whose brows grow slowly.

    To narrow done your choices check out reviews of the salon and specific artists. And since everyone’s option differs (as well as brows)

    This doesn’t guarantee your brows will look like theirs but they usually thread they way they get theirs threaded. Also make sure you know how you want your brows to look and mention this to them! This is very important, look for these preferences when observing. For example, if you want you brows square and straight, your artists brows you should have a similar style, it just makes it easier for them to understand what you want.

    I’ve gone through many artists until I was able to find one that was able to provide all the needs and attention that my brows require. My brows grow in many different ways and previous artists would not consider this. Sometimes you have to trim them differently to obtain the symmetrical look. Every brow is unique, and they have to be treated as so. You want your artist to be very observant of all of these things.

    I promise you once you find your perfect artist, most of you needs will be met and your worries thrown out the window! Make sure you take your artists tips seriously. They’ll mainly suggest no plucking in between threads, but we all know how hard this is. I try to be obedient but I find no harm in ridding your face of obnoxious stray always. Just make sure you don’t get ANYWAY near your brow line! They will notice and it will mess up the pattern their trying to obtain for you!

    The more you pluck, they longer it will take to obtain your perf brows! Also once you find your artist, stick to the same one always!!! I’ve made this mistake too many times when my artist was unavailable and I’ve regretted it every single time! Even if this means waiting another day (or a few) until your artist is in, DO IT! Either you wait an extra day or you’ll be waiting out weeks, maybe months to get back on track. A different artist means diff technique, so the pattern is bound to be changed in some way. Please avoid this at all costs.

    In the mean time brush brush brush your brows at home. And I don’t mean only when you’re unsatisfied with them, brush your eyebrows daily. Treat them as you would your hair (since that’s what they are). It helps enforce the shape you artist is trying to achieve. Try to brush them the way your artist does. They’ll also tell which way to brush them to get them the way you desire.

    If you want to conceals new growth you could use make up. I know everyone always says concealer (which is a great idea) but I believe eyeshadow works much better. Those who aren’t to fond of eyeshadow try to find a nude that matches your skin tone or just use concealer. Also keep in mind that threading should follow the natural pattern of your brows, so when they grow back they’re not as much of a hassle. So personally, I just let them be. Embracing them in there most unruly stage can take time. I know this was very difficult for me at first bc they are insane. My artist has tamed them very we’ll though. But now I don’t care as much bc I know that when I get them done, my brows absolutely gorgeous (and everyone knows it πŸ˜‰ ) so start you process and obtain your beautiful eyebrows now! You’ll love them! Sorry if I just went on a rampage but I’m OBSESSED with brows. They’re one of my biggest concerns. I hope you love your brows as much as I do! You need someone that cares that much though, so I hope I was able to help you!

    1. Hey there! That’s great that you’ve found a threader you really like!
      I’ve tried many threaders and waxers and even salons that only pluck. My eyebrows are delicate and it takes a long while for them to grow back, so I’m not open to any more trial and error. I’ve always preferred my brows when I’ve done them myself, I don’t think everyone needs a brow artist to achieve great brows. Thank you for sharing your experience, though! x

  12. I’m so glad full brows are so “in” again. I’ve always had full brows and thank my mom for being a complete “eyebrow nazi” when I was younger. While most girls of my age were plucking to high heavens, I never did, partially because I was lazy and I always thought my eyebrows suited me (they frame my face perfectly). I really enjoyed your post!

    1. I know right? I hope this full-brow-trend never ends. Your mother is a legend, I wish mine had told me to stop plucking (but she was too busy with her own tweezers! haha). Treasure your brows πŸ˜‰ x

  13. I would love to do this, but I can’t because my eyebrows grow in the middle extremely fast. Did you have the same problem?

    1. Sadly, none of my hair grew back fast! lol. You can pluck those areas if the hair is course, just steer clear of the body of the brow if you’re trying to grow out the brows. If your hairs are rather fine, you can actually shave them with a brow razor (I prefer this to plucking when growing out the brows because you’re not disrupting the hair follicle).
      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  14. I used to have gorgeous brows. But I somehow developed an absolutely horrible habit of plucking them throughout the day with my hands, and now I have almost NO eyebrows at all. It’s gotten so insane it almost drives me to tears every night. I just bought some serum and I’m hoping it works well and returns to it’s natural shape – I sure miss them.

  15. I’m just starting to grow my eyebrows out and came across this article. I’ve got very dark hair (almost black on my eyebrows) so any stray hair is noticeable. However I decided to grow them out because I showed my friends who I just met a few months ago picture of my eyebrows last year when they were noticeably thicker and they said that I really suited them. I guess now it’s just a waiting game.

  16. I recently accidentally shaved half my eyebrow, and I’m extremely scared for how long it’s gonna take to grow back! Also, I’ve been trying to grow out my eyebrows because they’re really thin, and I want thicker eyebrows. Any suggestions?

    1. Ever since 5th grade, I’ve had crazy thin eyebrows that looked a mess. it wasn’t until a month ago that I decided I’d grow my eyebrows out for real. For a month, I’ve been using vaseline and extra virgin olive oil and it actually has been working for me. I’m so used to have thin brows thy every time I take my makeup off, I scrub my eyebrows extra hard. Anyway, I use those products + a spoolie or some type of eyebrow brush and do it twice a day. It really works, you should try that

    2. How long have you been growing them out? It does take months, as I mentioned in the post. ‘Librow’ is a product that can stimulate brow growth, I’ve heard castor oil works wonders too.

  17. I’m 15 , and sadly I lost my eyebrows when I was in 7th grade for no apparent reason, any suggestions on how to grow my eyebrows, or if they’re ever gonna grow back. I literally cry myself to sleep cause I look weird without my eyebrows.

    1. Hey Jackie,

      Sorry about your brow troubles! It is quite perplexing that you brows fell out… Have you visited a doctor about that?

      I would suggest something like ‘LiBrow’, which is a serum that encourages hair growth although, better to treat the root of the problem (the doc can help here!) as opposed to treating a symptom.

      Hope things get better, don’t cry <3

  18. I have been growing my brows for two weeks. I wanted a different look now that I’m older. Thank for the tips. My brow r just starting to grow. I will take pics. It been hard not to pluck. But this helped me.

  19. Hello!

    So I’m 16 and I have blonde-brown hair and quite the dark eyebrows. Right now, they’re sort of shaped because I got them threaded a month or so ago and I absolutely LOVED the shape. I loved getting mine threaded, and before I did I let my eyebrows grow in for about a month. There is quite the hair now, too, but I’m just wondering how long it’ll take before mine grow out fully/into its original shape? I’m in love with thick brows! I desperately want mine to be thick so I can shape them with makeup. Great article by the way! Love your brows πŸ™‚

  20. Ive been letting my eyebrows grow out for about 2 n a half months n their growing sooo slow. They have grown but their still thin. How can i get them to grow faster? Im tired of having messy eyebrows. I want to get them done already lol trying to be patient because i want thick beautiful brows..ugh

    1. Hey Cora,
      As I mentioned in the post, it took me 4 months to grow out my eyebrows, it’s a slow process. If you want to experiment with brow growth serums, there are plenty on the market (Librow is one, off the top of my head).

  21. I’ve waxed my eyebrows since I was in 8th grade and I’m now 27. I’m trying to let them grow. It’s been 7 months and it doesn’t look like much at all. Anyone serums you recommend?

    1. The only serum I’ve tried was Lilash (they have a brow version called Librow, too) but unfortunately it deepened my skin tone. I’ve had great success with facial oils, really promotes both brow and lash growth πŸ™‚ Right now I’m alternating between Trilogy Rosehip and Sunday Riley Luna oil.

  22. Love this article! I’ve been leaving my eyebrows to grow for years on end and they looked lovely… stupidly I got it in my brain that I wanted them waxed (don’t do it) I hate the shape of them now but I just wanted to know how long roughly it takes for trimmed hair to grow back?? As I know the hairs growing back will take ages x

    1. Hey Lily,
      I think I answered your question on instagram (or that might have been another person with a very similar question lol). If you’ve trimmed your brows with scissors, it will take about 2 weeks to grow out.
      If you’ve waxed them, it can take anywhere up to 4 months.
      Hope that helps!

  23. Great article! I started plucking my eyebrows in 7th grade. I’m 29 now and they haven’t grown since and it STILL looks the same as it did in 7th grade. Thick where it starts, the rest is thin, and extremely short Such a weird shape πŸ™ I haven’t touched them in 10 years. I tried everything. Serums, oils, biotin, rogaine. Nothing. I was considering a tattoo until I read your article.

  24. hi!! im really worried because i used my hands to pluck my eyebrows when i was 10 years old (because i was bored in the car, not trichotillomania, it was a one time thing) and im 13 now but it still looks the same >< its really ugly because instead of thin eyebrows, there are like no eyebrows on one side and the other side is perfectly normal πŸ™ please help me!

  25. does anyone regrowing eyebrows have dark eyebrows, but the regrowing hairs are tiny and seem to be regrowing reaaally slowly? I’ve been using rogaine and I’m wondering if these tiny hairs will one day grow into long dark hairs like the rest of the brow. I can only see these little hairs when I put castor oil on and the light reflects off and I’m like wow there’s a bunch of tiny hairs there. Without light reflecting off the oil these hairs are impossible to see. I’m really hoping someone says these will be long, dark beautiful hairs one day! If so, does anyone have an ETA? They are growing so slowly I really worry that they are just tiny things brought on by the rogaine and not headed anywhere

      1. actually I stopped rogaine because I was getting some irritation. the good news is there has been plenty of regrowth…BUT: many hairs are sticking straight out. I am never going to pluck in this area again. Many sites say to just trim these hairs but will they ever point normally? A few sites say they will eventually, but I don’t see how the angle could change by like 90 degrees. Do these hairs have to fall out, and then the next ones grow at a normal angle? Or will they be like this forever…did you or anyone else here go through this? It seems to be a common issue but no site was specific, they only said don’t pull them out and a few sites said the will be normal with some time. How much time??? lol I’m in the home stretch here this is a frustrating hiccough

        to everyone growing back brows hang in there. I’m using rapidbrow now and am still seeing regrowth but it has been too little time to link it to the rapidbrow.

  26. I’ve had issues with my brows since I was in 6th grade. I accedently over plucked inside the shape of my brows and I was so frustrated that I made them worse. It took until after my freshman year in high school to really g wet my shape back after my mom re shaped them for me. For awhile they were fine until after my senior year I become obsessed with brushing them. They are now really thin because of my excessive brushing. my brows are supposed to be extremely thick. I’ve tried argon oil for maybe a little over a week and I haven’t seen any changes. I try to eat healthy and exercise. For what ever reason my hairs seem to break from the follicle and I’m forced to pull that hair out. I’m tired of using a make up pencil. It makes me look weird most of the time when they have to be filled in. I was hoping to see results before I go to Florida in the 2nd of January. Do you suppose vitamin e oil will do that trick of I use it day and night for 2 weeks? My brows are so bad right now there is almost not shape. I just have a thick blob but no length or shape. I need help.

    1. Hey Ashley!

      My first piece of advice: minimise the amount your brushing your brows and don’t pull out hairs simply because they’ve broken off – let them do their thing for at least 4-6 months.

      Apply your oil every night and keep in mind, the time frame for good results in 4-6 months, a week isn’t enough time.

      Also, excuse me if I’m way off mark but is there an underlying reason for your excessive brushing? Pulling hair out can be due to underlying anxiety ( so maybe look into that.


  27. Thank you so much for this! I think I may have gone a little brush crazy and scrubbed too hard, and I am left with thinner brows than what I used to have. Does anyone know how long my brows will take to come back? I know u gave suggestions, but idk if this is the same situation. Thanks so much!!!
    I’m in 8th grade btw…


      1. Thank you so much, I will let you know how it goes…
        I started Vaseline on the 3rd and I think it’s starting to make a difference?

      2. They look great now, thank you so much for inspiring me not to give up! You’re the greatest☺️

  28. I am trying to grow out my brows becuase I plucked them too far in so they are really short…ugh….BUT I am getting alot of hairs under my normal brow and more onto my eyelid. Is it ok to pluck these or should I let them be? They do get kind of lost in the eye makeup I use but it is driving me crazy. I have been letting them grow for about 3 weeks. My hair grows fast but it seems that NOTHING is coming back where I want it to. More near the middle of my face…there is nothing. They are still super short but now just look like short hairy catepillars…

  29. I’m very lucky that my eyebrows grows DAMN fast (But with a price… /stares at hairy arms and legs/) Usually around two to three weeks and I already have a freakin bush. But lately after discovering face oils I started rubbing it in my eyebrows as well because why not? They need some care as well. And boy oh boy my eyebrows grow way faster than before. 2 weeks and I already need a good plucking job. So I guess for those who use face oils in their routine, maybe rub it in your eyebrows to help them grow?

  30. Hi, I doubt my eyebrows has every grown. I look through baby pictures and see nothing. really frustrated because I hate drawing one with a pencil. Please is there a way to grow them? I used castor oil in the past but saw no difference. using biotin and msm now though. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks

  31. hey so i naturally have thicker eyebrows closer in the front and thinner back more but because of some over plucking Im a mess im letting them grow out but do u think ill ever get nice big brows Ughhhh because ive never had them is it possible to grow hair were there was none? thx

  32. Hey so I noticed your eyebrow journey looks super neat and clean. Ive left mine to their own devices for a month and they looked crazy. I think the biggest turn off for me when growing them out is the really messy look. How did you avoid that? They look great every step of the way!

    1. Hey Mary,
      Firstly, thank you! LOL my brows did not feel neat during this process. I guess I don’t have much brow (even at the bushiest). You may choose to pluck more than I recommend in the post, but resist touching the body of the brow.

  33. I am determined to grow in my eyebrows. I have naturally a thicker eyebrow, Keira Knightly, shape eyebrow. I overplucked since middle school as I was a tween and teen in the American Pie Days. Tara Tied and Paris Hilton were the knows. I have to say in about three more weeks I can fill in my sparse eyebrows. I have allowed my eyebrows about three weeks of not plucking, and I do look like a grizzly bear…I have gotten to this stage before, but I know in a week new filler hairs grow in place…kinda excited to start fresh and not have to pluck every three to four days. Thanks for the blog. I have read your blog numerous times, and I am strong enough to maintain not plucking for another three weeks or longer. I just want sparse enough to fill in the brow…and I hate unnatural looking filled in eyebrows. It looks terrible. Do you know any easy not penciled in eyebrow looks?

    1. Be strong! If you had a decent amount of brow previously, there is a good chance you will get most of it back. If you dislike pencils for brows, have you tried something like Gimme Brow from Benefit? I love it for a natural look.

  34. Hey! I’m 14 and started tweezing my brows a year ago. I started because I was told that I had to control them. (My eyebrows weren’t thick and I’m blonde so you can barely see them) Lately I’ve gotten really upset with how my brows look and I’ve been plucking them everyday. (BAD IDEA) They are now really thin on the outter half and I don’t even know what my natural brows look like. . I try filling them in but they just look worse. I want them to be natural again but I can’t resist the urge to pluck my stray hairs. How can I forget about my eyebrows and stop tweezing them?

  35. I have hasimotos problem…my eyebrows are for long taking time to grow back…pls advise me what I can do to get them to grow back quicker.. thank you….

  36. Ok, here we go. I have over tweezed my eyebrows in the 90’s. Yup. Here I am, 1 week into the castor oil remedy. Waiting at least another 7 weeks or more, hoping to see results.

    1. It’s now Feb 20th. I think I see some growth on one eye brow at the arch; The other eye brow in the inner corner.I will give it another 5 weeks to total 8 weeks to see if this is going to really work for me.
      I think they are thicker, though. The tails have a few more hairs growing. so, we will see.
      In the meantime, I’ve resisted using the tweezers. I do hear them calling me though….. πŸ˜‰

      1. Back again. It’s March 5th. Many many eyebrow hairs are coming in, even on the top where I’ve not seen growth in decades!
        The tails are a little thicker with more hairs coming in.
        There are two areas that are either not going to grow hair or it will take much longer time to grow: the arch area and the beginning part of the brow at the inner corners(between the eyes.)
        Some hairs are growing there, but if after 5 more weeks I don’t see growth I’m going to get another eyebrow serum.