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You guys seemed to enjoy my last poll, so let’s do it again! Leave a comment and vote which you’d like to see next on the Sham Frip, sway me in one direction or another 🙂

How To: Portrait Photography for Makeup

Perhaps my most frequently asked question revolves around my photography setup for makeup shots. Vote for this if you want to hear about my equipment, lighting, tips and tricks – everything I do to create shots like these…

What would you like to see next?

Lorac Pro Palette Review

Is this palette still relevant? The general consensus was overwhelmingly positive, although I may be the lone dissenter…

What would you like to see next?

Armani Eye & Brow Maestros

Swatches, reviews and how it performs on the face…

What would you like to see next?

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow Review

Looks a lot like the Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes, no? Have we found a dupe?

What would you like to see next?

Undereye Concealer Smackdown #3

Some of you may be familiar with the Smackdown segment here on the ShamFrip – essentially, I round up a number of brands within a particular category (brows, under eye concealer etc) and offer my verdict. Undereye Concealer Smackdown #1 can be found here, Underye Concealer Smackdown #2 can be found here and if you would like to hear about my recent concealer loves/loathes, vote for Undereye Concealer Smackdown #3!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 52 Rosy Coral

I don’t know much about Korean Drama but clearly it’s taking over the world – an actress wore this shade and just like that, it sold out worldwide. I’m no Korean supermodel but I can feature it in a look?

What would you like to see next?

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Complete list of products mentioned

Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick
Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick
Pro Palette
Pro Palette
Eye & Brow Maestro
Eye & Brow Maestro
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. Would you please show us how you did your eyeshadow from your brush review vlog (I think it was the eyeshadow brush video)? It was unique and beautiful.

    Neutral contouring with vivid yellow accents in the inner corner. The contrast was so significant that it looked a bit like you filmed in black & white and then colourised the inner corner with yellow.

    It was one of the most original, interesting and attractive eyeshadow effects I’ve seen.

    Love your videos and website. Thank you

  2. All of them?! πŸ˜‰

    I am really intrigued by the tricks and tips behind portrait pictures. No matter how many times I have tried to take one I end up looking strange and not like what I see in a mirror!

  3. All sounds goodo but it would have to be the under eye concealer smackdown. It’s so hard to find ones that do a proper job! It drives me mad. Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. I have the Max Factor cream shadows (same colours) so I’d love to see you do a look with them. That I can then make a total hash of copying.

  5. The photography setup and another concealer smackdown would be much appreciated, although what I’d really like to see is a review of the Koh Gen Do foundation!

  6. Hey! I would say


    1) Lorac palette review
    2) Armani eyebrow maestro (compared with Anastasia pomade?)
    3) Photography stuff

  7. 1) Concealer Smackdown #3

    2) Photography

    Also would you ever do a tutorial focused on technique? Like the strokes used to get perfectly pro-blended eyeshadow or a defined but subtle contour? I know you’ve done quite a bit on brushes (most appreciated) but sometimes when I try to recreate at home I can’t nail the technique/pressure/placement and it ends up looking sloppy.

    Love from NYC! xx

  8. 1) Lorac Pro Palette Review
    2) Undereye Concealer Smackdown #3
    3) Photography for Makeup Set-up

    But please, PLEASE do a video on how you clean your fancy Japanese makeup brushes soon!!!!

    1. Also in the concealer smackdown would love to see your reviews on the Clarins Instant Concealer, the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless, and the LancΓ΄me Effacernes. All get great reviews. Thanks!!

  9. 1. Concealer smackdown.
    2. The portrait photography, specially if it includes tips on how to take a good picture!
    3. YSL Rouge pur couture #52.

  10. Hi Karima. I want to see the Lorac Pro palette review and the Undereye concealer smackdown #3. Thank you. Kisses from Chile πŸ™‚

  11. OMG ALL OF IT. I would love to see your portrait set up. I’m a bit of a photography nerd so I always love seeing what other people have and how they use it.

  12. Definitely the first one !!!! I’m super curious about your photoshoot skills. these are just perfect. although really interested in armani maestro too….. please post both!

  13. Concealer smackdown and the Lorac eye palette. I am still trying to talk myself out of buying that one. ☺️

  14. In order of preference:

    1) Photography how-to!
    2) YSL 52 Rosy Coral
    3) Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow

    Thank you for the great content and beautiful videos!

  15. Hey it’s not on the list but I would love to see an eyeshadow primer smack down. If not definitely a concealer smack down.

  16. If you didn’t mind, it would be really nice to see a video that was focused around different types of lip products (lipstick, lip gloss, stains, etc.). I find that certain vibrant colors don’t look good on me and i think its because of the way i applied it. Also i often have very dry lips that like to peel. some tips and tricks about lip products would be much appreciated. πŸ™‚

  17. Do you have any recommendations on makeup/beauty books? I’m just starting to branch out from my theatrical makeup to more “wearable” makeup jobs and am looking for some good reading material for that. Any recommendations? ?