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A few days ago, I impulsively purchased the Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Palette from their chocolate inspired collection (click here to view that haul).

The mixture of textures (glitter, matte, satin) paired with the unexpected colour combination (hello, lime green!) and I was left defenseless. It practically bought itself. A closer look into the chocolatey beauty…

The palette itself:

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

And swatches, one swipe (!!!) with a sponge tipped applicator:

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

Let’s see what this palette, can do, huh! Onto the eyeshadow tutorial. As always, products/tools I’ve used are in red.

Step 1:
With a finger, dab a white cream base (MAC Chromaline in Pure White) in the inner third of the eyelid. Then place a coral cream base (MAC Coral Crepe) on the remaining lid. This is an optional step to amp up vibrancy.

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

Step 2:
Take a small dense brush (MAC 219) and pat the lime green shade over the white base. Take a flat, dense brush (MAC 239) and pat the coral glitter shade over the coral creme base.

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

Step 3:
Using a tapered blending brush (Hakuhodo BJ142BkSl– click here to see my Hakuhodo brushes), blend the chocolate brown shadow into the crease. I then took a smaller crease brush (Hakuhodo J146) and deepened the crease with the darkest brown shadow in the palette.

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

Step 4:
With a small, soft brush of your choice, run the taupe shade on the lower lash line. I also took the darkest brown shadow and placed a little on the outer third of the lower lash line.

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

Step 5:
Apply winged liner (Physicians Formula Eye Booster Pen) and tightline your upper waterline (Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Kohl). Finally, apply mascara (Lancome Hypnose) and false lashes (if you please, Shu Uemura Smoky Layers).

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

And you’re done! Here are the full face pictures.
I’m trialing the Armani Maestro foundation while I have unusually dry skin and as others have reported: it catches on flakes like nothing else. If you’re prone to flakes, don’t even step near this foundation. I’ll try it again once my skin is behaving. Fyrinnae Melancholy on the lips.

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eyeshadow

I’ve talked an excessive amount so I’m going to stop now but: what are your thoughts? Would you wear lime green eyeshadow?


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  1. OH my goodness this palette looks absolutely incredible on you! And the swatches?! *gasp* It’s so hard to find Shu in the US–they pulled out of our market a year or two ago–but their products are amazing. I may have to hunt this down!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hey Jessica!
      This palette has my tick of approval! It’s such a pity that Shu pulled out of the US- I wonder why?!
      Hopefully you can purchase online 🙂

  2. Love it! I never wear brights but I love seeing other people do it…that palette is gorgeous. Btw, im glad you’ve killed my lemm for GA Maestro – I’ve been lemming it but I have super dry skin. Poo 🙁

    1. Nonni! <3
      Have you tried a bright colour on the inner corner, on an otherwise neutral eye? I find this to be the easier way to incorporate bright shadows 🙂
      And YES. You will *not* like Maestro, trust me (since I know your skin type).

    1. Hey there!
      The other choc palettes are pretty but more neutral- if neutrals are your thing, you’ll probably like them. Other Shu products I love: Smoky Layer lashes, the eyelash applicator and the eyelash curler.
      Hope that helps some!

  3. I wanted a shu chocolate palette the day they got released – I love shu (and yes, I really like their new generation eyeshadows) and chocolate (and tbh, the promo pic was delicious, very pretty). I would totally wear a lime green, I imagine it will look pretty mixed with one of the browns as well. Karima, you liner and lashes are as always phenomenal, I am jealous, I wish I could apply false lashes like you. Maybe I should try Shu’s lashes? hm.

    1. Hi Claire!
      I’ve heard that some don’t like the Shu new generation eyeshadows but I haven’t owned enough from each collection to be a good judge of this. All I know is that this particular palette is soft and pigmented.
      Good to hear that I’m not the only one intrigued by lime green shades! I didn’t have a nice one so this shadow fit the bill 🙂
      And thank you! I get it right sometimes! If you’re a newbie at lashes I still recommend Ardell, the thick Shu bands make application a little tricky (but you’ll figure it out, I’m sure).

  4. Do you know of any dupes for the Shu Uemura smoky layers lashes? they look GORGEOUS on you, but I don’t know if I want to drop $30 on a pair of falsies lol

    1. Honestly, I haven’t come across any dupes that give the same feathery, fluffy effect. I also like Ardell Demi Wispies, but they definitely lend a different look.
      Sucks, right?!