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The most skin-like foundation ever? Let’s find out! Watch me try the new Armani Maestro GLOW foundation for the first time and see how it looks after 8 hours! Let me know in the comments what foundation you’d like featured next 🙂

Before you ask, my lip colour is Kat Von D Lolita 2 😉

Australians can buy this foundation here.
Americans can buy this foundation here.

Shade Information

I purchased three shades: 4, 6.25 and 8 (to be used as a liquid bronzer).

Shade 4: Light to medium skin with yellow undertones. Around an NC20.

Shade 6.5: Medium skin with golden undertones. Around an NC25-30.

Shade 8: Medium to deep skin with golden undertones. Struggling to eye ball this shade but maybe an NC45?

I’m about an NC25ish right now and 6.25 is a touch dark for me, will add a drop of 4 in the future.

Nail polish I’m wearing in this video

Smith & Co City of Compton*

Complete List of Products Mentioned

Giorgio Armani – Maestro Glow Foundation in 4, 6.25 and 8 (buy here)

Urban Decay – Naked Concealer in Light Neutral (buy here)

Rouge Bunny Rouge – Diaphanous Loose Powder* (buy here)


* Denotes products sent for consideration. I only feature products I love 🙂 Some links are affiliate links.

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  1. I am so intrigued by this! Do you think the coverage is as wash like as Chanel vita lumiere Aqua? I love the skin like, evening out effect but find it drying to powdery in the medium to long term. Could this be a dry dehydrated alternative? The longevity looks impressive for such a glowy foundation…

    1. Thank you for this review. This is beautiful on you. Thank you for showing how it wears “long-term” on you, and that it appears not to oxidize. both vital points.

      I, too, am interested in your thoughts about how it compares to Chanel aqua vitalumiere – your thoughts. The consistency here is much thinner, watery; but the glow here on you is stunning. really lovely , K.

  2. Thanks for the review. I’m very curious about this one. I have texture issues with my skin and am wondering if it will emphasize those. I really love the eye look you created for this video as well.

    1. It depends on what kind of textural issues. I found it to be quite kind to dryer texture on the skin. That being said, glossy finishes bounce light and draw attention to lumps and bumps.

  3. I have oily skin and the original worked well for me as an alternative for those without dry skin.

    What I really loved about this foundation is it applies like a tinted moisturizer but has a bit more coverage without looking foundation-y.

    I went into Sephora recently to look for something other than GA Maestro and Lasting Silk and I was horrified that everything looked streaky or emphasized unknown to me dry patches on the side of my chin. I also love the pore blurring effect. Armani4life!

  4. Hi Karima,
    I really love you first impressions, I find them incredibly helpful and informative. I’ve been debating on trying Glossier’s Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer, their concept is skin-like makeup, and as far as I know, you like skin-like finish, and so do I. So I’d love for you to do a review of it. 🙂

  5. I saw this marvelous review on YouTube yesterday and promptly dashed to my local Sephora to give the foundation a try. I intended to grab a sample, but once I discovered that a 50/50 mix of 0 and 4 was a dead-on match for my skin, I snapped up both shades – and boy, am I thrilled! It’s magic on my dry skin. Next I’m going to try using a smidge of 0 as a highlight and 4 as a contour shade.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Noticed that you mentioned that your dry skin loved this foundation? I’ve also got dry/dehydrated skin so that’s an encouraging recommendation! How would you describe your skin colour in Mac terminology? I’m so interested in the blending of two shades…

      1. Hi Nellie! I don’t have a solid MAC shade match (I’m a very pale, cool yellow/olive gal) except for their Face & Body Foundation in C1 + White – I’d say that if they made a C10 in their other foundations, that would be my color, but since that doesn’t exist, let’s call me an NC10 (which also doesn’t exist, but hopefully that’ll give you some idea!).

        I hope you find a match in this one – it’s just so darn comfortable to wear!

  6. Hey,

    Always a good time watching your videos – whether it’s make up tutorial, first impression or smack downs (my favorite 🙂 )

    I wanted to ask – do you still plan to do the liquid/cream highlighters smack down? I would love to hear about this as it is my favorite category?

  7. Thank you Karima for yet another superb review. This post is particularly useful for me as I’m on the hunt for a new foundation, and I have a similar skin type to yours. I was wondering if you’d mind sharing how this compares to the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation? Which do you prefer?

    1. It’s a similar finish to the light wonder (dewy bordering on glossy) but has a little less coverage. The main difference is the texture, the charlotte tilbury is a fluid whereas the Maestro Glow feels more like an oil as you apply to the skin.
      Love both 🙂

  8. I live for your foundation first impression videos 🙂 I’m struggling lately with desperately dry skin and, although I’m doing my best to stay ahead of it with my skincare routine, I’d love to know if there are any foundations you’d particularly recommend to camouflage flakiness. Y’know, so I can fake it till I fix it. xo

  9. Hi Karima, Thanks for the great videos! I really enjoy your tutorials. What is the pinkish eye shadow you are wearing in the intro? It’s really pretty.

  10. Hi Karima, I’m obsessed with how your skin looked in this video.
    I really like the idea of using a deeper shade as a bronzer so I wanted your opinion on whether to buy the maestro glow foundation in a deeper colour or to buy the Maestro liquid summer bronzer are there any differences?

  11. Hi, Karima! Your skin ALWAYS looks so flawless. I’ve still never found a foundation or mix to match me. I’ve been eyeing the shade 0 to lighten olive shades in some attempt to find something. Do you have any recommendations for getting a light olive shade? The KGD 213 is too light on me, but Urban Decay 4.0 is too dark if that helps. Everything is just always so peachy! Where are the just beige kind of shades?