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I hadn’t forgotten to report back on the Burberry eyeshadows I purchased (for swatches and comparisons post, click here). I wanted to play with them a fair bit before I brought you my review (and FOTD!).

Burberry Taupe Brown and Midnight Brown were purchased in an unusual mind frame. I wasn’t wow-ed by the colours or the swatches, but the glowing reviews convinced me that I should give it a chance.

My final thoughts are mixed- I agree that the texture is great and they blend very easily. They’re almost foolproof from that perspective. The pigmentation is also relatively strong (not as high as Rouge Bunny Rouge, but still decent). The packaging is lovely (I like the magnetic close) and I experienced minimal fallout.

On the other hand, the shades failed to impress me. I didn’t find them particularly unique but to be fair, neutral shades rarely stun me. Overall, I’d say that if you really appreciate a pigmented, basic neutral shadow that blends easily- these eyeshadows will be right up your alley. If you are like me and are constantly searching for unique and complex shades (even if the texture requires more work… I’m looking at you, Fyrinnae!), these will leave you underwhelmed.

I’m still deliberating whether I should keep these- I like a neutral shadow here and there but it’s not in my nature to keep products that don’t inspire me (major minimalist, ironic given my makeup collection).

Let’s get onto the FOTD! This look mirrors the Burberry advertisements and I’m aware that this doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy.

Face- Armani Maestro Fusion, Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium
Eyes- Burberry Taupe Brown, Midnight Brown, Geisha Ink Mascara
Brows- MAC Brun
Lips- NARS Little Darling

Burberry Taupe Brown and Midnight Brown Revisited

Burberry Taupe Brown and Midnight Brown Revisited

To make this look a little more wearable (while retaining the grunge-esque eyes), I dabbed on a little MAC Vegas Volt lipstick and a touch of Armani Sheer Blush in #5.

Burberry Taupe Brown and Midnight Brown Revisited

I’d love to know your thoughts on Burberry eyeshadows. Do you own any? Do you adore them?
If you don’t own any, do they interest you?


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  1. I really like this look on you, it’s simple but quite striking.

    In comparison to some other brands the colours may be less exciting in Burberry but I have some of their eyeshadows and I love them, Taupe Brown for me is a favourite shade, I probably reach for it more than RBR’s Blackpepper Jay (which it’s very similar to). I think Burberry do mattes very well.

    1. Hey Meeta!
      It is very similar to Blackpepper Jay (I swatched them side by side, link within this post) but I think the texture is a bit different. Do you own Mulberry? I think that seems to be one of the more interesting shades by Burberry…

  2. I ended up selling both Midnight Brown & Pale Barley. The colors just weren’t worth it to me. I think that browns actually don’t work that well on me – I look better in bronze or olive for a neutral eyeshadow look.

    1. Hey again, Emi!
      I don’t think I’ll get much if I sell them so maybe I’ll just keep them and see if I can pair them with other shadows. Up until now, I’ve only attempted using them alone.

  3. Hi Karima!

    I think the gorgeous plum undertones that you seen in the pan of Mulberry may or may not translate to skin, depending on your skin tone. I’ve read some reviews where it looks more brown when swatched. I personally own and love Mulberry, because for me some of that plum tones do translate and it gives and interesting twist to the usual brown. I think I’m NC 15 – 20! (:

    1. Hey K!
      Thanks for letting me know! I’ll have to swatch it in store, shadows tend to turn brown on me 🙁
      Isn’t it fascinating how shadows can look entirely different on different people?!

    1. Hey Chris!
      If you love neutrals and browns, you are going to be floored by these. I quite like the grunge-y look they lend. I’m so torn whether or not to keep them!
      I’d love to know your thoughts if you do end up purchasing 🙂

  4. I absolutely love this look on you. You’re right, it’s kind of grungy, but in all the right ways. I’m going to keep this look in mind come the holidays – if only I had beautifully shaped eyes like yours!!

    1. Hey Annick!
      I’m glad you liked the look! I love grungey looks, too!
      I actually have rather round eyes, I think this look would be really beautiful on almond eyes 🙂

    1. Thanks Tanya!
      I used Taupe brown all over the lid and into the crease. I then applied Midnight Brown on the lid area only.
      Hence, the crease is pretty matte but the lid has some shimmer 🙂

  5. Hi Karima! – I Think the eyeshadows look beautiful on you! I read an article about Burberry that said,– their shadows are meant to “enhance” the eyes, not cover them up, and I feel they bring out the color in your eyes, and brought focus and attention directly to them,– the perfect smoky eye, without being too dark , or too “grungy”. Midnight Brown is a color that should’ve been applied to the lid, without the other color underneath it, to bring out it’s own unique color, then the Taupe just as you have it! The subtle color of the gloss with those beautiful Burberry “enhanced” eyes really is striking!!